Friday, August 24, 2007

And now what?

Well as can easily be seen, it has been a while since I have posted anything about Bongolesia: Evolution. For the last update I showed off the conversions that I did for the Deathrace, but it turned that they were not a needed as I thought they might be. The event went off without a hitch and much fun was had by all involved, and of course I didn't have my camera there... D'oh!

As for the Second Battle of Jambaville, it never actually happened. The time table for the day was kind of wonky and we weren't even able to get started until later than I had expected. At that point I had a number of players that were itching to do the Deathrace, so I went ahead, threw my timetable out of the window and went ahead with the event.

Afterward, I played a game against another local gamer who had just gotten into the game using the more traditional forces (in this case USMC vs. MEA) which he greatly appreciated. He had only been able to play one other time, so this really helped him get some of the rules down.

Finally, I ran a large battle featuring a combined force of the USMC and the EFTF against the PLA and MEA. Fun game, though we (the baddies in this case) were thoroughly slaughtered. The funniest moment of the game was when a squad of my MEA infantry moved into a shanty only to discover that was where one of the SAS fireteams had decided to hide! Still, fun was had by all and that is all that really matter.

So with all of this said, what about Jambaville? What about the Oingo Boingo Cult and BARF? Good question. Right now, I have to admit that I am concerned about the future of the game. Recently Mongoose Publishing effectively pulled the plug on the line and it is now officially "in a holding pattern". They are hinting that there is some big announcement coming in a few weeks, but the last time that they said that is was nothing but a major disappointment so I am very concerned about what will happen. All of this combined with my own life being very much up in the air has effectively put the brakes on anything happening with this project. Still, I want to at least post some pictures of the completed buildings. I just need to get them out of storage first.

Signing off for now, but hopefully with more soon...