Saturday, July 21, 2007

The best laid plans of mice and snowmen...

I had planned to post a picture and a write up for each of my custom "Technicals" for the Bongolesian Deathrace. I had planned to set the whole thing up and get a picture of Jamboville posted. Heck, I had even planned on having all of the buildings painted. Still, Desert Wars was fun regardless so it couldn't have been all bad.

Even so, I still feel the need to finish what I said I would do and it's better late then never. Like cheese, some things get better with time. Course some also turn a fuzzy, blueish grey but for now let's focus on the first kind.

The first racer that I created was Hot Shot; the details about that car and how I made it can be found in the previous post. The next one is Killer Kart.

As with Hot Shot, Killer Kart is also based on a Maisto die cast car but in this case I went with a Scion xB. This was a much quicker conversion than Hot Shot since all I needed to do was assemble the two pieces of the gun (which is a bolter from an old 40k Rhino for those who don't know...), and then glue this onto the roof. Voila! Instant technical! In fact the paint job was the most time consuming aspect of this one since I was trying to make sure that the dark red diagonal was straight.

Next up is Blue Lightning...

This car is based on a Matchbox MDX die cast. The first step was to kit it out with a couple of weapons, in this case two bolt pistols with their handles chopped off and flipped upside down. Next I painted it dark blue and did the weapons, engine, and suspension in plain old Chaos Black. Quick and easy. Once this was done, I painted the lightning bolts on the sides and roof just to liven up the paint job a little.

Next up is the Oingo Boingo Cult entry into the race. The imagery was perfect for this one; a bunch of crazed cultists riding around in a gaudy VW van. Doesn't get much better than that.

This is one of the two easiest conversions of the bunch since all I did was repaint it. I wanted gaudy, so I put a heavy coat of white on it to cover the old paint job and just daubed on big splotches of bright colors.

Next is the other conversion on the cheap (aka the new paint job), one that I call "UN Sanctions".

This is a Matchbox Land Rover Defender that I base coated grey and then dry brushed with white. Of all the vehicles, this is one that I wanted to give a worn look to. It is actually not finished yet as I still need to finish painting the gear on the roof rack, but it was done enough for the game.

Last but not least is another comic car, the Mini Cooper of Death.
This is another one that is not quite finished yet, but I think you get the idea. For the weapon, I used the missile pack from a new set of Space Marines that I had lying around and glued it to a small round shield. Then I simply glued this to the roof and throw a quick coat of black on it. Once I am able to finish it, I plan to paint a large skull on the hood to really give it a Grim Reaper feel.

And there you have it! The six home-made contestants for the Deathrace. As it was, most people brought their own cars with them to the race, but it was still a lot of fun to pull on some of the old Car Wars concepts and make them into something real.

Next up will be a closer look at the buildings that I have built for use with Battlefield Evolution in general, and Bongolsia specifically.

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