Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Some progress plus a bit of a tangent

I have managed to make some more progress with Jamboville, but there is still more to go. This past weekend would up being very... exciting you could say? Needless to say, other much more important things took precidence over my hobby, but things are much better now. I will be taking some of the buildings with me to Hosehead's Hobbies (our local gaming store) this Saturday, so I am really going to be pushing to get more done with them before the big day.

As for the tangent that I mentioned, I have decided to post some pics of some cars that I am going to be converting to use during Deathrace Bongolesia. No real Bongolesian-centric theme for them, just something fun to do that I thought I would share with everyone, especially since these vehicles will be making their debut at the first Bongolesian Gran Prix!

Stay tuned for details; pics will be coming soon...

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