Saturday, July 7, 2007

More progress but where are the buildings?!?

I have managed to get some more work done on Jamboville, but of course I don't have any pictures. No problems though; I've got the camera right here. Now where are those buildings?

Oh yeah... Jayce has them. But they look really cool. Honest.

Hopefully I can pick them up from him tonight, but it is already getting pretty late so I don't know if it will happen. If not, I will get some pics posted of the individual buildings as soon as I can.

I also had two great finds which I am pretty excited about.

The first is a ten wheel cargo truck (I am sure there is some kind of official name, but I am drawing from my Car Wars days here...) that will be perfect for a PETROCO transport. Admittedly PETROCO trucks would primarily be tankers of some kind (they are an oil company after all) but a regular cargo truck or two would be great for staging a raid on a supply convoy for the drought stricken southern portion of the country. And it is even white, so I just need to put the logo on the side and weather it. I actually found this at a local grocery store among the wind up cars. You know the ones... you pull them back, let go and send them flying into someone elses car. Pretty inexpensive as well, coming in at about $5.

The second is a Land Rover that I have re-painted as an old UN vehicle. Even without any weathering, it is looking pretty abused so once I dirty it up some I think it will look great. This gives me a nice proxy for what amounts to a UN Technical. It does not actually have a machine gun on it so it might wind up being unarmed, but all I was looking for was something to represent some kind of standard off-road vehicle that you might find the UN using. And not only is it the perfect scale (1/64th on the nose) it was also the right price ringing up at about $1. Needless to say I might pick up a couple more just to have around.

I have also made some progress with the conversions for the Bongolesian Gran Prix, but I am going to hold off on posting pics of each of these until they are done, which should be by next weekend.

Now to bug Jayce to see if I can get my buildings back...

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Sky Captain said...

Arrr! Ye got your buildings back. For a level of amusement we should post a few pictures of our replicas of Murphy's 15mm buildings in the new 28mm scale. I am only going to reproduce so many myself as the ole closet is only so big!

ERTL also makes for John Deere's anniversery a "milk truck" big rig that is perfect for my favorite Belgian investors from PETROCO.

-Jason C.