Saturday, June 16, 2007

After a night's work...

Well, one night of the weekend down and I have made some progress though I plan to work some more later tonight. First off, we have the overall view of the board.

This gives the basic layout of the roads and the four buildings that I have (mostly) assembled.

Here is a view of the new Jambaville Cineplex and next to it the WBGO government sponsored radio station (providing the town with their link to the outside world). I still need to build the signs for the Cineplex and I am going to try to build some kind of a small radio tower for the station as well.

Next is the prize gem of Jambaville and the object of much conflict in the region, old M'Doo Naal's pig farm. Hey, wouldn't you risk your life for a good BLT right now? The two empty boards across the street will have two more small buildings on them to finish off the farm. Should get both of those done tonight. Beyond these two buildings will be a small forest just to make things interesting.

Last but certainly not least (except for in the property values) is the first of several groups of shanties. This one will probably be the largest of the three or four that I make for the town and could result in some nasty shanty-to-shanty fighting in those close quarters. I still have yet to do the roofs for this one, but that should be done soon as well.

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