Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More shanties and some ruins

Well, I have managed to build another section of shanties and two ruins tonight. I was also able to cobble together a radio tower for the comm building (aka WBGO) using some pieces from a Platformer kit. Having now done two sets of shanties, I am thinking that I am actually going to skip the roofs at least for now. Any fighting that happens within those sections will probably be bloody given the close quarters, and I think that having to take the roofs off and on repeatedly would just bog things down. And it also makes one less thing to build as well.

Now the board is starting to really take shape, and once I get some of the other large buildings done (namely the UN building, the Bongo-Mart, and at least one of the residential buildings...) I think that the whole thing will really start to visually pull together quite nicely. More pics coming soon...

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