Monday, June 18, 2007

More progress made but more to do...

Well, I was only able to work on one of the other buildings for the farm and it still needs some work before it is finished. Still, I did learn something useful. The packaging that they used to use for light bulbs is great for modeling random bits of sheet metal like you would find for the shanties and for a basic metal roof. The problem is that they used to package them in it. Everywhere that I have looked, all I find it boxes made from plain, flat cardboard.

Then I had a bit of luck.

My wife is an avoid scrapbooker, and it turned out that she had a sheet that she had picked up from a scrapbook store. I have not had a chance to hit a store to pick up some more, but I hope to do that soon since I am thinking that tin roofs will be common in Jambaville. More pics once I get some more done.

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